At Tysor Veterinary Clinic we feel that every animals' life is worth saving. Many of our adoption animals have had a rough start but we hope to fit them with a family that can give them the love and attention they deserve. Dr. Tysor IS the vet who cares. Please share our website with all of your friends and family.





September 22-26th, 2014



Please come to our new RETAIL STORE next door to get your Flea and Tick products, dogfood and other supplies you may need. Especially when the clinic is really busy and you don't have time to wait. 


Please check out Bonnie's PAGE - Bonnie was one of our employees who passed away recently and left several precious pets behind.  We are trying to place them in good, forever homes, but at a reduced price.  Please check out Bonnie's Page and then contact us at the Adoption Center to learn more about these special dogs and cats that Bonnie has raised.  The dogs are all house-broken.  The cats are all very snuggly and loving and totally adorable!


  • Purina is teaming together to help your overweight pets loss weight. If you would like to learn more about it check out their website or call us today and see how we can help.




We also have many pets for adoption. Some have been through hard times and others were just dropped off at the clinic. We believe every animal at the clinic deserves a fair chance to find their forever homes. Take a look at our pets for adoptions under our Dogs for adoptions and Cats for adoptions. If you would like to come in and meet with one of our animals give us a call to set up an appointment.



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